by Pepper Coyote

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Kitty 03:06
Lucy I know that I didnʼt tell you Where I was fallinʼ this time, gimme an inch and I might take the whole white road and Itʼs not gonna be cominʼ for a while. Where all the roses open I can find my shadow, ah in burst the ponding creatures waiting in my head Hey! My eyes are closinʼ, I canʼt hear the music so letʼs not make another mistake no broken whiskers, do you know what I mean? K-k-k-kitty kitty Lucy I know that I didnʼt tell you where we were goin this time, I tell ya I donʼt know the names and I might know the numbers we might be goin for a ride Lucy I know that I didnʼt mention if weʼd be cominʼ home alive, maybe I know when weʼll be reaching our final destination, but maybe thatʼs only a lie
Give It 02:36
Look, here I got you your, chicken sandwich ah got Iʼm sorry man, I told ʻem you donʼt want bacon lemme just, oh start a scrapinʼ it off, scrapinʼ it off, scrapinʼ it off hah, you know Iʼll always be your dumpster diver Ya got me workinʼ on my appetite, could see me runninʼ and a workinʼ and a makinʼ it right I got a crush that few would try to bottle ya gotta give me your attention please when I start rockinʼ the mic because I wanna be rockinʼ you tonight I know, sometimes I might talk too much and I know, that you donʼt like these high notes that Iʼm singin, and Iʼve been around and I know what my heart needs so what I get and what you got and what you want a get up, come get, Iʼm gonna give it to ya I got the aim to shoot you down I got the elevator the escalator the aero-plane to take you higher and if you donʼt like flyinʼ, weʼll Subaru all night cause Chorus x2 Last time: what I get n what I got n what you want n what you are n who I know n who I am n who you are n what we could be get up come get, Iʼm gonna give it to you
You might be thinkin' you know who I am You might be thinkin' you got me pinned down this time, but I am not so sure You might be thinkin' you know my name You might be thinkin' I got no hide-away this time, I'm tellin' you to think again How did I find myself so far away take a look, take a picture, are you sure you see the real me Many names, many faces many games, but only one true identity turn away, leave the past behind and some day, you may find your true identity Maybe I was like you once Maybe I could live in certainty inside, a mind that's been made up Maybe I can't give it up, too late to turn and defy what is inside I think we'd better look, again Pre-chorus Chorus All the days I've spent inside I'll find another way to hide All these thoughts I can not escape in time Only one way to break free to accept the other me all our voices will arise, again Chorus
Lonely 03:41
Chorus: Lonely, canʼt you see? Iʼm talkin Lonely, yeah thatʼs me. I got One more dance but in Half an hour Iʼll be gone Tell you right or tell me wrong Shiny diamonds in the mirror never gave me any answers so letʼs Polish up our waste in song see it sparkle in false brilliance dig a dollar from the earth and maybe youʼll Stay with me oh Chorus Come on down and make your mark standing up for something lesser couldnʼt mean less to the empty any hope of getting started shaken up by justice seekers who are pulling me apart oh wonʼt you Stay with me oh Chorus Wasnʼt I the lonely one making phone calls in the bathroom yelling “how could you have gone” but someone else; Someone older Itʼs not right thinking that Iʼm fine alone ʻCause Iʼm Chorus
Star 04:14
Whip, bang, theyʼre at it again another head trip maniac cominʼ at me but they donʼt see my friends cominʼ after them it donʼt matter, why bother lunch break doubled for a whirlwind fight I got three words left for you, “Come at me” You know iʼm an extraordinary Ooh. I think Iʼm fallinʼ apart on the inside Lovinʼ you without tellinʼ them But I canʼt stop a bullet with my chest But I canʼt shoot an ice beam with my eyes But I can get from portland to the scene by flying If Iʼm not too heavy, float away, you keep me steady Be my anchor if youʼre ready, Iʻll be the man behind the mask Iʼll be your star Secrets gettinʼ a hold on me gettinʼ a hold on me makinʼ me out of my mind aw I canʼt hide it would they push me out the door no I canʼt hide it I need your love Ooh I think Iʼm fallinʼ apart on the inside
Close the door, kiss your mom and youʼre driving away hardly can see when your life fills the spaces seeking a cause for delay Take my hand and use it to pull back the ache in your throat, maybe I could have planned a bit better maybe I could have planned at all. So Iʼm sorry I left you in Pennsylvania It doesnʼt mean I can go on without you now Iʼm sorry I left you in Pennsylvania but it doesnʼt mean I... It doesnʼt mean anything Read the words, shake it off, from the heart and the mind not quite alone with my phone in my hand, but feeling your grasp would suffice Still I sit there writing seven years after the day that I said that Iʼd never leave you When I said that Iʼd never go. So. Iʼm sorry I left you in Southern Australia It doesnʼt mean I can go on without you now Iʼm sorry I left you in Southern Australia but it doesnʼt mean I... It doesnʼt mean anything If you felt that we had something special at all thought we were moving towards some destination building us up for the fall it might be overstating to say that I wonʼt leave ya now, honey I can just hear your heart breaking but itʼs only a matter of time before Iʼll have to leave you in Arizona and it doesnʼt mean I that I didnʼt love you with all of my heart and Iʼm sorry but I have to go now and it doesnʼt mean I... It doesnʼt mean anything
Drive 04:31
Every time I start to fall every time Iʼm at my worst every time I feel it all come down around me youʼre the one that I call first Pre-chorus Gimme a break and Iʼll be your angel gimme a chance and Iʼll be the one that you are for me, yes even now I wanna pay you back cause youʼre just that good Chorus Give me your everything, and I will give you mine never thought that Iʼd have anyone, like you in my life if we stay in this together, I know weʼll be alright take a breath and then we both, weʼll dive you hold me up when I canʼt stand give me something I can feel judging by the way you keep me going when I stumble you stitch me up so I can heal Pre-chorus Chorus We all need somebody sometimes and I canʼt do it all by myself I got people standing sidelines waiting for a hand from someone else and oh, I canʼt hide this feelin in a card or in a gold-leaf type- faced line about how I need you I gotta try one time, gotta get up, I gotta get up now I gotta be loud and shout it, oh! Chorus, acapella Chorus, standard. Tag 3 times “Take a breath”
Hang Around Awhile Here I stand without an answer reaching out to feel your hand and I try to find the courage that can keep me hanginʼ on you help me be a better me So many left without a goodbye a thousand miles in between I could not have made the change without your push in the right direction life me up help me escape All the years of hell that seem to fall right by the wayside All the times Iʼve needed someone to believe in me To think about the odds that youʼd be sharing in this love I hope you hang around awhile Here you stand with your defenses build them up and build them strong Itʼs alright to let them soften as I hold you close at night no need to hide a thing from me Chorus Hang around so you can see me take my second chances hang around so you can help me wish on one more star hang around so we can take this love and make it shine I hope youʼll hang around a while
Magic 04:37
What changed today? Iʼm feeling nothing I drag my body from place to place and maybe itʼs the way you used to lay out on the grass under the moon or how the colored lights would catch your freckled face, oh Where has my magic gone? Is it some better place? They tell me this, I look away and wish that youʼd come back again Where has my magic gone? I know youʼre there to stay I had to let you go but too soon, too soon More than a decade since I came upon you sitting quiet out form the rest and maybe itʼs the way you looked at me with those brown eyes that could melt my heart who knew how much love a benjamin could buy but oh Iʼm sorry I just need a moment you never left my side, weʼd carry on Youʼll stay with me, moving forward in my heart you are forever home
Everything I've said up to this point you can ignore. Everything I've done you can forget. I just realized that I'm talking to an idiot yeah my quota has been filled, okay, I'm set Put yourself where I am take a peak inside I don't do things just to mess with you, you aren't even on my radar and hey I'm not inconsiderate, believe me, yeah, I care I just.. I... hey can.. slow down would you let me get a word in, oh Chorus: (Why) Why you gotta be like that? (be like that) I try to do what you want me to but, it never seems quite enough, oh Why? Why you gotta be like that, and think I might not be like that too Spending every hour I can stand to sit alone spending every ounce of patience on, the kind of stuff a kindergarten teacher would roll her eyes at how about you take a look at what I actually said Put yourself where I am do you have a clue? what a wasted piece of energy it would be to deal with you but let me type up my rebuttal see if I can help you out I just...ugh Here ya go, here's something else to "subtweet", oh Chorus
When I Die 03:14
For when I die and when Iʼm ashes and no more songs I can repeat whoeverʼs singinʼ at my funeral had better learn to move their feet Cuz when I die right around 40 and when my fuze has reached its end you best believe weʼll all be drinkinʼ naw donʼt ask why but maybe “when” Some people croak it and then everyone chokes on bitter tears oh lord whyʼd he have to go? But when I stroll I think weʼll all prolly know that I was due any time I mean you canʼt live that hard for long so when I die, and when Iʼm buried come watch me sink into the ground forget the dirt, just drain a bottle and if they ask, just say Iʼve drowned For when I die and when itʼs over and all my friends are left behind I wouldnʼt doubt that theyʼll be jealous theyʼll have to do more work than I So when I die and when Iʼm sober thereʼll be more stories left to write take up my pen, and get to scriblinʼ puncture your silence kill your fright For when I die x4 Iʼm only goinʼ over Jordan Iʼm only goin over home
Be it near or be it farther every beat was gettinʼ stronger without you Be a loser or a cheat commemorate the flaws repeat them at your peril And ooh it hurts too long mmmmmm and ooh the earth may never notice and why should she Chorus: Does it hurt you like it hurts me open water dusk to dawn if it kills us, then so be it I wonʼt be hanginʼ on, and I can always say I tried Be you daughters be you songs weʼll give you all of what we are for good or worse be it godly referendum or a weakly uttered whisper we will pick up our pieces we will finish what we can And ooh it hurts too long and ooh the earth may never notice and why should she Chorus Tell the angels mind their business they arenʼt reaping what Iʼve sewn beat me down destroy my army break me up then make me whole
Turning a corner on my short commute face north to west in the friendly pursuit of the welcome relief of oneʼs work being done I find myself driving into the sun Reaching above for a square on a hinge swinging it down try to block the orange ball of sweaty wet light in my eyes it will run as I find myself driving into the sun Chorus: Well alright, it has to get better at least I can squint as I tumble along I will not be deterred no weʼve only begun as I find myself driving into the sun Sinking too quickly it ducks down below I lift in my seat urging my neck to grow while between mirror and pleather my vision near none is the light green or red, all I see is the sun Chorus Shimmering pieces of reflective glass fall from the mirror of the truck I canʼt pass in our haste to advance and our will turning numb we trample ourselves raging against the sun Chorus x2


This one’s been a long time coming. This album is the result of the best and worst times in my life so far. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have such a great support network of fans, friends, family, and those who are a little bit of all three. I feel more like an adult than ever, yet more out of control than ever. I met the desert. I met a Scotsman, an Arizonan, and Michigander. My world has expanded from the safety of my family home, to a college campus, to a group of friends that span 5 continents, and I don’t want to stop here. These albums used to feel like ending points. Like epilogues. Messages in bottles I hoped to outlast me. This one feels like a starting point. Let’s go.

“My album should have a quote on it somewhere.”
-Jared “Pepper Coyote” Clark

Special thanks: Fox Amoore for the countless opportunities you’ve given me over the last few years, and for being there to push me both musically and emotionally. Every moment, on stage and off, is a gift. Mohrgears. Your’e my foil. You remind me to think less selfishly, and you’ve been my constant companion through good days and bad. Dixie. Thank you for helping me keep my head above water. For knowing where I’m going when I have no idea, and for believing in me. In us. Runtt, Koro, and Cosmik. For being both great musicians and great friends. You’ve contributed not only to the album, but to me as a person and I’m glad you’re around. Mom, Dad, Adam. It would have been so much easier and cheaper to let me sit at home instead of driving me to piano lessons once a week. You made me who I am. And Adam, I couldn’t ask for a better brother. We’re far apart but the world feels smaller every day.


released December 1, 2017

Music and lyrics by Jared Clark aka Pepper Coyote
All instruments not individually credited played by Jared Clark
Piano/keyboard by Iain “Fox Amoore” Armour
Piano on track 11 by Cosmik
Drums by Runtt
Electric guitar by Joe “Koro” Jones
Mixing by Simon Rhodes (Look him up, he’s freaking AMAZING)
Mastering by Paul Baily
Cover art by S0l. @S0lardog


all rights reserved



Pepper Coyote Phoenix, Arizona

Pepper has been recording and performing music since 2010 with bands like Look Left and Foxes and Peppers, along with solo work. From Australia to Singapore to Scotland, Pepper's music continues to delight and inspire with its focus on clever poetry and vocal excellence.

Pepper continues to operate as an independent musician with no label or corporate funding.
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