Blast Radius: New Game+

by Pepper Coyote

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Foxfire This is genuinely a super fun listen, and I'm so glad I did! I really enjoyed your vocals and instrumentation in the few styles you aimed for, and you gave me some good laughs too!

You'll need a Duke and At Least Not Yet are such awesome tracks and I had a real tough time choosing between the two for the favorite. Went for the latter only because it's the bigger ear-worm; very different energies and I adore them both all the same! Favorite track: At Least Not Yet.
aneurysmhooker thumbnail
aneurysmhooker In the mood for this album surprisingly often. Although I do think this version of the album has lost some of its novelty... the added tracks are all amazing and i cant imagine this project without them! Also... My LP smells like Fresca... Favorite track: Step On My Face (And Tell Me That You Love Me).
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broaster07 This was my music growing up. Living under Duck and Cover; this is a great Atomic Era homage. Favorite track: Duck And Cover.
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Intro Jingle 00:08
When you need a wiener as big as your arm, Where do you go?
These times are frightening, they could make a person sigh can’t turn around without thinkin’ terror from the sky an aero-plane just might be headed here right now and what it’s bringin’ makes and awful big Kapow That atom bomb might drop on you and if it does what do you do? no mushroom cloud will help you out we’ll see you though What ya do is just duck and cover everything will work out right duck and cover, ya might make it through the night yeah ya only gotta duck and cover sing yer little self a song and if you do, we’ll do it too so just sing along Your mom and dad might tend to be the worried sort and they might need an extra bit of your support just tell ‘em, hey I think I know the proper way to keep this family from becoming an ash tray
Tell me what you want, who you want me to be and maybe I can make your fantasies come true size, shape, I’ll be all, baby all you can take so we can fall in ecstasy straight through and as we’re fallin’ there’s one guy to bring with you You’ll need a duke, while you’re on your way you’ll need a duke, what else do I have to say just hold my hand and I can stand up for a while till you’re fallin’ apart Falllin’ apart like I’m fallin’ for you Once, Twice, want it rough? Or should I play it nice it’s all the same to me as long as we can touch give, take, I will bend, but you know that I won’t break and even though we’re only inches away you shouldn’t be so quick to put me away
Nuclear Love 02:10
Me and my baby, we got a thing goin on my darlin’ she tells me, she can’t sleep at night when I’m gone yeah she’s my lover wanna hug her and a kiss her through the end of this telephone I’m here waitin’ till after my work here is done I gotta build containers and take the chance that there could be a burning end to our romance cause it’s Goodbye to give peace a chance and it’s hello to nuclear love I hold your picture, close to my heart and I dream about sandy beaches and your place on an island with me when I wake up it’s still the testin’ and collectin’ all the numbers to build what Sammy wants I’ll be workin’ till the mess that we’re in can be won
One Thing 02:58
I get the sense You don't need me around But could you please, please tell me What is going wrong My jaw could stretch All the way to the ground To see exactly what it is That you are sitting on Such beautiful curves The ridges and studs Eye-widening features all the same Something me inside me can't help but ponder Darling does it have a name? There was suspense But now I'm feeling unwound And now there's only one thing One thing I feel like getting on Oh such beautiful curves The ridges and studs Eye-widening features all the same Something me inside me can't help but ponder Darling does it have a name? There was suspense But now I'm feeling unwound And now there's only one thing One thing I feel like getting on
Big boy he comin’ Fixin’ to shove me out If you so set on cryin’ Imma give you something to cry about Queenie she turned ugly Says I can’t fill her alone If you so set on cryin’ Better rent a tighter zone Found me a somethin’ Bound to make ya eyes go wide If you so set on cryin’ Imma fit it all inside
Duka-Cola Ad 00:52
Duka Duka Duka Duka Cola! That’s right it’s duka, duka cola the freshest taste of that you can be sure-a yeah we’ve got duka, duka cola you’ve had teh rest, now make the best your own-a That’s right, it’s duka-cola That fizzy drink that can give you a lift when you need it most and when the time is right why not try the newest taste? Have a whiskey and duke. A good stiff whiskey and duke is sure to get your honey goin’ right in the knick of time. What’s that glow? It’s duka duka duka duka cola!
Walkin through the desert ‘bout a 5 at night the moon so big I didn’t need a light Somethin’ came a shufflin from behind a tree he had claws like daggers and was bigger than me Oh baby x3 (he’s hackin and he’s slashin) x3 he’s clawin’ his way right into my heart If I tried to run I didn’t have a prayer and I was kinda caught up in his sinister stare got onto my knees he thought I’d try to beg but the thing that caught my eye was there between his legs Chorus Right there in the desert yeah he had his way barely even cut me I am glad to say when we were finished, he took me home guess I was so good he kept me as he own
At Least Not Yet Chorus: E G Did I hear that right, well I’m not sure A G they seem nice but who exactly was that G D E commin’ through the door E G I don’t mind them bein’ into their own thing G A A7 N.C. but how do I say D E that’s not for me, at least not yet E (G riff) Boy I sure can pick em, already our fourth date E G hasn’t stood me up once, doesn’t show up late A D at the coffee counter, talkin’ and it turns blue E G what give you the vapors? baby what are you into? B A7 D They whisper to me one thing, that can bring em to their knees E G it’s the sound of someone stirring, a bowl of mac and cheese Chorus Now we’re back at my place, thought we’d play a game pull out my collection, now which one will they name? points a finger at twister, and says baby you outta know that game really “gets me goin’”, much more than the average joe I gasp and ask is there anything else, that gets you rigid as a post? ey, well maybe just one thing, and that’s gettin’ railed by twenty ghosts! Chorus E . . G, E . . G, Solos E (8 bars) G, A . . . C . . G, E . . .|. . . G A . . . C . . . B . . .|. . G D E aw, what are the chances, the two of us would meet? can’t they like something common, like tentacles or double-Ds? now I got them worried, do I need them to change? will this be our undoing, is their spookly kink too strange? well, maybe I’m not quite prepared for ghosts and ghouls just yet, but put on that macaroni honey and maybe you’ll get me wet!
Step on my face (and tell me that you love me) Intro: D Bm G A Chorus: G Gm D Step on my face, and tell me that you love me E7 A7 D DM7 D7 From head to toe, you overflow with grace G Gm D Bm I can’t sit still, with pawpads pressed against me E7 A7 Gm D Entrap me, oh please, step on my face D D+ Bm/D D7 The touch, the shine, they help me unwind G and I can’t tell you, Gm D how long I’ve waited for D D+ Bm/D D7 Is it, a crime, to have paws on my mind G A surround me softly, and give me Gm D a taste of those toe-beans Bm F#7 Sucking a toe, is better than blow G D And sharply less expensive Bm F#7 No matter your flaws, just give me yer paws Gm A and tolerate my tongue D D+ Bm/D D7 Your feet, my nose, can we bring them close? G A Now and forever, as long as Gm D they’re reasonably clean Instrumental chorus Bridge G Gm Under you darling, I’m in paradise D/F# I know you won’t harm me C with your toes against my lips Bm with your beans against my jeans Bb Like a short order chef A7 I’m calling out for frijoles G Gm Step on my face, and tell me that you’ll D D/C# Bm never have shoes on around me E7 A7 I love you, so please… step on my G Gm D face
My neighbors ask me why I'm Limpin down the way and who that fella was who came by yesterday I quickly turn my face before I start to blush, cause frankly there is nothing I can say I've always had a thing for  pushin' the extremes and I just got a thing you won't find in magazines this molded silicone has got me beggin' please give me more of what I really need Cause there is No cock like horse cock Send your ass hole into shock you need horse cock of course cock grab the lube and slam the day away My shaft is quiverin' and my balls are turnin' blue as I think of drinkin' in a foot or even two of my favorite stallion that I keep in my top drawer Slip it in and I'll be drippin' goo as I take More cock, horse cock shut the door and turn the lock. Is your cock a horse cock you will never hear me sayin neigh' cause there is No cock like horse cock rub my dick inside a sock Don't stop now horse cock stretch out my insides and make me bray My lovely Horse cock, horse cock... (etc. Fade out)


This is the re-release of "Blast Radius", an album themed after the soundtrack of a popular post-apocalyptic video game. It contains many songs that are sexually suggestive, as well as a couple that are sexually explicit. Do not buy this album if you're under 18 years old.


released April 1, 2020

From Pepper - This album is dedicated to all the people who have supported me through my first year as a freelance musician. No label, executive, or corporation made this. You all did.

All songs written, mixed, and produced by Jared “Pepper Coyote” Clark
Vocals/Guitars/Bass - Jared Clark
Keyboards/Orchestra - Iain “FoxAmoore” Armour
Drums, drum mixing, and tape emulation - Teddy Wynton
Baritone sax on Nuclear Love - Phillip “Bennie” Pollard

At Least Not Yet commissioned by: M2

Front and back cover art, and graphic design/fonts by Mary "Moth Monarch" Capaldi
Inside and Disc art by CheetahPaws
Sticker art by Jaime “Tiesci” Hernandez
Pin art by Sam “ShrugsYolo” Engstrom

Biggest Kickstarter Supporters:
Blue Grayfox
Lakota Lander
Tyler Straz
Velii Wolf & Slyphur
Fancy Foxx
Ben C.
John "Mohr" Emery
Quuxum Mephitida
Thanok Husky
Petrov Neutrino
Davey The Husky
Ezra Moon Sutton
Alvin Foerster
James A. C-B.




Pepper Coyote Phoenix, Arizona

Pepper has been recording and performing music since 2010 with bands like Look Left and Foxes and Peppers, along with solo work. From Australia to Singapore to Scotland, Pepper's music continues to delight and inspire with its focus on clever poetry and vocal excellence.

Pepper continues to operate as an independent musician with no label or corporate funding.
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